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Why advertise on our website


  1. We will promote this web site by posting fliers on a regular basis to Biggin Hill and the surrounding area’s to residential and into businesses.
  2. We will put up Banners in Biggin Hill and the surrounding areas in the most prominent places to advertise the site.
  3. We will attend networking meetings to promote the site to potential advertisers and visitors to the site helping generate new business and visitors to the site.
  4. We will promote the site online to make sure that we gain as many new online visitors as possible.
  5. We have just added a classified section on the web site that is FREE TO ADVERTISE for small items a bit like a local EBAY.
  6. The site will be number one on the Google natural listings which means that advertisers on the site will be listed as number one on their search terms ie Plumbers in Biggin Hill.
  7. It’s a community web site so visitors will keep coming back to the site for News, the weather, local events, school information and to find businesses.
  8. It’s the only proper community website ever covering Biggin Hill and the surrounding area’s.
  9. Advertisers get to advertise into Biggin Hill and the surrounding area for a Year for the same cost as one advert in a local paper making their marketing budget go much further.
  10. This is the best time to advertise in Biggin Hill because Biggin Hill is expanding and a new community swimming pool is being built, a new Hotel is to be built and a factory is being built all creating hundreds of Jobs in the area and more visitors to the area.
  11. We expect 500-1000 visitor to the site every day.
  12. We will create a newsletter that will be emailed on a monthly basis giving advertiser the opportunity to sell their business directly to subscribers.
  13. Any business that advertises will be able to make changes to their own page so they can put on special deals or discounts.
  14. Also by advertising with us you can optimise your own page on the site so that anyone searching will find you at the top of the google listings and also by adding a link back to your own site if you have one improve your own sites ratings.
  15. Local Businesses have come to understand how important it is to use the internet as a way to get their message acrross about what their business does. Newspapers have lost readership and readership is falling in the UK by around 5.2% per year. (Source of information BBC Radio 4). Internet advertising is growing by about 41.2% from year to year (source Price Waterhouse Cooper) and now exceeds the revenue of national newspapers.


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